Technology Corner

Zooming to Facebook Live, an overview

by Mike Dargan,

January 18, 2021

Here is Mike with his laptop, camera, tripod, etc. at one of our Forums last year, before the Pandemic.

Using Zoom's Chat Feature -- by Cherie Dargan

Are you getting everything out of your Zoom sessions?

One of the features I like to use is the chat feature. Participants often post information that you want to remember—a date, a phone number, or the URL of a website.

Did you know you can save that chat?

Go to the chat feature and look for the three little dots.

Click on save and Zoom will download a file to your computer.

It will be in a folder named Zoom, and it is a text file, but opens in word.

So, stop trying to jot that information down. Click on the three dots.

What else can you do in a zoom chat?

How about upload a file—an agenda, a document you want feedback on, etc.

Just click on the icon for upload, find the document on your computer, and click on it.

Enjoy your next zoom meeting, with increased confidence that you can save the chat or upload a file

Last updated March 5, 2021