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Dr. Deborah Turner was elected as the 20th president of the board of the League of Women Voters of the United States at our June convention. She has roots in Iowa but lives in Nebraska. Dr. Turner told more than two thousand League members in her Convention remarks. “The League is at the intersection of democracy, social justice, and civil rights and it is through that lens that we seek to advance voting rights in this country.”

Welcome to the website of The League of Women Voters of Black Hawk-Bremer Counties (LWV BHB)

Our League

  • promotes active and informed participation through voter registration and voter education

  • provides leadership for legislative public forums when the state legislature is in session

  • provides leadership for non-partisan public forums for candidates for local and state office

  • researches and studies issues

  • discusses findings to reach consensus in open, constructive and stimulating settings

  • observes and monitors public meetings

  • takes action -- for or against issues which the membership has studied and reached consensus

LOOKING FOR THE BLACK HAWK OR BREMER COUNTY DIRECTORY OF ELECTED OFFICIALS? IT IS HERE! THE FILES ARE LINKED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. YOU ARE WELCOME TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT. We have already distributed hundreds of copies throughout our two counties at courthouses, libraries, and other public spaces.

All League events are listed on this web's Events Calendar page. We also create events on our Facebook page.

Elections, Fall 2021

Please note that the Cedar Valley Public Legislation Forums Facebook page is here,

Q AND A FOR NEW ELECTION LAW 11-2-21 School-City Election Dates (1).docx

This document uses a Question and Answer format to review the changes in election law. PLEASE make note of the dates for the fall 2021 election.

2021 Election Law Changes for Iowa Voters.pdf

Here is a two page summary of the changes to Iowa's election laws. Please download and share with your family and friends.

A look at our Conversation with Legislators, December 2019

Are you a registered voter in Iowa?

Use your smartphone to open the online voter registration form

  1. Grab your smartphone and open the app store for a QR code reader if you do not have one.

2. Open the app and hold your phone to capture the QR code

3. The QR code opens the URL (web address), click it to open Voter Registration form on the Iowa DOT web site. Fill out your voter registration!

Pictures of our 2019 Holiday Social, in better times!

Naturalization Ceremony at UNI, 2019

This year the ceremony was cancelled, due to the Pandemic. However, last year a small group of us attended the ceremony at UNI, welcoming 130 new citizens from a number of countries: the youngest person was 20 and the oldest was in his late 80s.

Mike Dargan and Gerri Perreault pose with Pat Harper, who registered several new voters.

Willie Mae Wright stood down front and greeted each person, handing them a card summarizing changes to Iowa's voting laws.

Past President Gerri Perreault and Dr. Cate Palczewski, after her presentation to our Holiday Social, 2018

Cedar Valley Legislative Forums, Pre-Pandemic

We had just moved to our new "home" for the Cedar Valley Legislative Forums at Hawkeye Community College's facility, The Van G. Miller Adult Learning Center in downtown Waterloo, when the Pandemic hit. What a great facility.

We hope to return someday.

Thank you

Thank you to Jean Seeland for all of her hard work making these arrangements. Remember that League is ONLY one of several dozen organizations sponsoring the Forum.

Thanks to our Legislators, our Moderators, and Jerry Hageman for serving as Timekeeper--and to those who attended the forums and asked questions.

Follow the Cedar Valley Legislative Forums on Facebook; we post Facebook Live sessions there.

Did you miss the Forum? You can watch it on Facebook Live, posted at this special Facebook page for the Forums.

Thanks go to Mike Dargan for doing this! He recorded all of our sessions.

Legislative Priorities for 2021

What issues are we going to focus on this year? LWVBHB will focus on voting rights and voting access, in the light of bills limiting both passing in the 2021 legislative session.

2021 STATE PUBLIC POLICY PRIORITIES (Determined by the State Board, November 2020)

1. Protect and follow Iowa’s model redistricting process.

2. Rethink our approach to criminal justice & ensure equality for all:

  • Ensure equal treatment under the law, regardless of race, racial mixture, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

  • Amend the Iowa Constitution to restore voting rights for those with past felony convictions.

  • Expand judicial flexibility by eliminating mandatory sentencing.

  • Continue opposition to the death penalty.

3. Protect Iowa’s natural resources and environment:

  • Build upon the state’s successful container redemption law (“bottle bill”).

  • Fund REAP at no less than $20 million.

  • Increase the sales tax and dedicate new funds for water quality and environmental initiatives.

  • Promote sustainable farming practices. o Develop state strategies to address climate change.

4. Improve the health and safety of Iowans:

  • Fund the entire range of services in the regional mental health and disability services system.

  • Ensure Medicaid services are comprehensive and accessible.

  • Guarantee access to women’s reproductive health services.

  • Prevent human trafficking and support victims. o Promote responsible gun ownership.

5. Build Iowa’s workforce:

  • Fully fund all levels of public education (preK-12, community colleges, Regents universities), including adequate computer technology and affordable Internet connectivity, and oppose the use of vouchers for private and home school education.

  • Help more families access childcare assistance without losing job opportunities.

  • Adopt policies and fund programs that welcome refugees and immigrants to Iowa.

  • Require public and private employers adopt “fair chance hiring” practices (i.e. “ban the box”).

6. Demand government accountability and transparency:

  • Change legislative rules to require all amendments and bills discussed in a committee to be available to the public prior to a vote.

Directories of Elected Officials for Black Hawk and Bremer County.

Feel free to download and print for yourself. Otherwise, copies have been distributed throughout the two Counties. (Black Hawk County) (Bremer County)

Who is invited to the Forums?

ALL Area Legislators are welcome--letters are sent to them, inviting them to participate. Senator Eric Giddens, Senator Bill Dix, Senator Bill Dotzler, Senator Craig Johnson, and Senator Jeff Edler. Rep. Pat Grassley, Rep. Sandy Salmon, Rep. Bob Kressig, Rep. Timi Brown-Powers, Rep. Dave Williams, Rep. Ras Smith, Rep. Chad Ingels, and Rep. Dean Fisher.

Who Sponsors the Cedar Valley Legislative Forums?

AAUW-Waterloo, AFSCME, ARC, American Democracy Project, Black Hawk Area Assembly, Black Hawk County Democrats, Black Hawk County Farm Bureau, Black Hawk County Board of Health, Black Hawk County ISU Extension & Outreach, Cedar Falls Education Association, Cedar Falls Educational Support Professionals, Cedar Valley Jaycees, Cedar Valley United Nations Association, Cedar Prairie Group—Sierra Club, CWA Local 7108, Department of Correctional Services, Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber, Hawkeye Community College, Hawkeye UniServe Unit/ISEA, International Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local Union 288, Northeast Iowa Area Agencies on Aging, League of Women Voters of Black Hawk and Bremer Counties, Main Street Cedar Falls, NAACP-Black Hawk County Branch, Waterloo Education Association, Waterloo Educational Support Personnel, and YWCA--Black Hawk County.

Who Coordinates the Forums?

It takes a lot of work to put together all of the details. Thank you to Jean Seeland for her hard work! Others, such as Pat Harper, Pat Sass, and Jerry Hageman have also helped.

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