How to Get Involved in League


League Events

Attend a LWV event (forums, issues briefings, annual meetings)

● Assist with League events

● Propose a topic for an event

● Take pictures at an event

● Plan or host an event

● Help identify potential co-sponsors for events.

● Help promote events on social media

● Help update and maintain the local League website

● Help set up for events, clean up afterwards, welcome visitors

● Bring a friend

League Issues

Keep informed on League issues and opportunities. Ask to be added to mailing lists.

● Check State and Local website for issues.

● Contact Legislators about issues: each year we generally identify three or four that we focus on.

● Remember, only the President speaks for your local League.

● Write a letter to the editor

● Attend State League’s Issues briefings in the fall.

● Attend state League’s Lobby Day in February.

Leave Board and Committees

● Attend Board meetings

● Volunteer for a committee

● Volunteer for the Board

● Help update the directory of elected officials

League Research and Action

Propose a topic or issue to study and action.

● Join a study committee

Voting and Voter Registration

● Assist with Voter Registration

● Assist with Poll monitoring on election day

● Assist with “Get Out the Vote” campaigns

● Participate in local, state, and national training

● Check out

● Check out

State and National

Attend State League’s Board meetings

● Attend State Convention (odd numbered years) and National Conventions (even numbered years)

● Participate in periodic training workshops & webinars

● Read “In League” weekly newsletter.

LWV of Black Hawk & Bremer Counties

Cherie Dargan, President

League of Women Voters of Iowa

Terese Grant, President

Last updated March 9, 2021