New LWV president ready to make upgrades


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The Courier did a very positive article about our local league, new President, and board.

2018 Legislative Priorities

posted Sep 25, 2019, 7:24 PM by LWV BlackHawk-Bremer

LWVIA Legislative Priorities for 2018


  • Stand in support of voting laws that keep voting accessible and oppose any efforts to put barriers between citizens and their right to vote.
  • Build on the Secretary of State's online voter registration system to allow all Iowans--including those without state-issues IDs and driver's licenses--to register to vote electronically.
  • Change Iowa's laws and constitution to restore voting rights to felons who have completed their criminal sentences.


  • Protect Iowa's water resources by fully funding the Iowa Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Fund and the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Program.
  • Provide funding to help Iowa's communities update their water and wastewater infrastructure and adopt meaningful and long-term nutrient reduction strategies.
  • Build on the success of Iowa's landmark bottle bill by expanding it to non-carbonated plastic bottles and doubling the handling fee to retailers and redemption centers. Unclaimed refunds should be used to enhance the redemption system so that access is available throughout the state.
  • Provide greater judicial flexibility in sentencing by eliminating mandatory minimums, and oppose all efforts to reinstate the death penalty.
  • Prohibit employers from asking about criminal convictions at the time of application for employment.
  • Enact laws and policies to ensure access to mental health services, address Iowa's mental health workforce shortage, and guarantee a continuum of mental health services are available throughout the state.

The Unity Project, Fall 2017

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The Unity Project
President Cherie Dargan participated in the first Workshop for the Unity Project on Sunday, October 1, at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. She  addressed the benefits and limits of local government. The power point is attached on the home page.

Remembering two Long Term Members

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We have lost two faithful, long term members this year: first, Carol Cooper and now Barbara Brown. Barbara was at our August 12 Board Meeting/Public Meeting and showed us the street banners for 2020. She was devoted to her family, her community, and her League, and will be missed.

Wrap up Legislative Forum, June 11 at Waterloo Public Library

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Legislative Public Forum

Monday, June 11, 2018

Session Wrap Up

Waterloo Public Library

7:00 p.m.     Introduction of legislators

7:05 p.m.     Legislators’ Comments Concerning the Legislative Session—Major accomplishments, disappointments, plans/ideas for future sessions

7:45 p.m.      Comments/questions from the audience

8:20                Closing comments from legislators


Board Meetings for 2018

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Tuesday, Feb 13th             6:00pm-8:30pm                    Board meeting

The March Board meeting is cancelled for the 13th, since that falls during Spring Break and Mike and I will be in Minnesota for a presentation. 

Community Conversation, “Human Trafficking-Yes, even in Iowa” Tuesday, March 20, 2018 6:00-7:30 p.m. Community Foundation 3117 Greenhill Circle Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Free and open to the public. The speaker is Kenesha Davis, Human Trafficking Specialist with Friends of the Family, and she will present some startling facts. (We will discuss the idea of having a brief business meeting after the program at our Feb. meeting).

Tuesday, Apr 10                5:30pm-8:30pm                    Annual Dinner meeting -- for ALL members

Tuesday, May 8th              6:00pm-8:30pm                     Board meeting – we will meet at the Cedar Falls Public Library since The Community Foundation already has an event. 

Tuesday, Jun 12th             6:00pm-8:30pm                     Board meeting

We are cancelling the July meeting: lots of folks are traveling.

 Tuesday, Aug 14th         6:00pm-8:30pm                        Board meeting

 Tuesday, Sept. 11th       6:00-8:30 pm                            Board meeting

 Tuesday, Oct. 9th          6:00-8:30 pm                            Board meeting

 Tuesday, Nov. 13th       6:00-8:30 pm                            Board meeting

 Tuesday, Dec. 11th       5:30-8:30                                  Holiday Social -- for ALL members

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10 Reasons to be Concerned about the new Voter ID & Registration Law

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10 reasons to be concerned about the new voter registration law—it’s not just about showing an ID

As the President of our local League of Women Voters, I have a lot of questions and concerns about the law. It is not just a simple "Hey, show me your Driver's License." It's a little more complicated, and troubling.

1. Vague language: do you have any idea what "voter registration agency" refers to in the bill? Is that the League? Is that the County Auditor’s office?

2. Will groups like the League be able to do voter registrations at all once the new law takes effect? 821-2.10 (48A) Alternate (non-mailable) registration forms. “An Alternate registration form is authorized for the use of voter registration agencies (the rest of this statement is struck out--and nongovernmental organizations engaging in registration programs and registration drives).

3. No more free Voter Registration forms using the downloadable PDF version of the form.

4. So, is the intent to make it more difficult to register voters if you are not a candidate?

5. A statement about providing free copies of the form has been struck out, so does that mean we will now be charged for them?

6. No more straight party voting (Straight party voting is eliminated, effective immediately. All candidate choices must be individually marked on a ballot to receive votes.)

7. Voters have fewer days to use an Absentee Ballot. (Applications for absentee ballots delivered to the County Auditor’s Office must be received 10 days before general elections and 11 days before all other elections. The previous deadline was four days before the election).

8. Voters have fewer days to vote, using a Satellite location or Absentee Ballot. (The first day to vote an absentee ballot in the County Auditor’s Office or at a satellite voting location is changed from 40 days before the election to 29 days before the election).

9. The acceptable ID is more complicated.
Beginning as early as December of 2017, voters will be required to present specified identification in order to vote. If you are on record with the Iowa DOT as having a driver’s license or a nonoperator’s ID, you will need to present that card at the polls. 
If you do not have a DOT-provided ID, the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office will send you a voter identification card for voting purposes. This will be a new form, and the voter ID cards provided in the past by counties will not be accepted. 
Other acceptable forms of identification are a U.S. passport or a U.S. military or veterans identification card. If the voter has none of these, the voter may present multiple forms of identification to establish identity and residence. 
The law is specific about these forms. For further information, contact the Black Hawk County Election Office (319-833-3007, or visit our website (

10. So are we SAFEGUARDING elections or just making it more difficult for people to vote?

Updated September 12, 2017

Courier Article on the Cedar Falls School Board Forum

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Candidate forum focuses on Cedar Falls Schools

   Aug 30, 2017 Updated 17 hrs ago
    The Courier ran a story about our first Forum, focusing on the five candidates running for the School Board.


    Candidate Forums Announced

    posted Aug 14, 2017, 9:21 PM by LWV BlackHawk-Bremer

    Tuesday, Aug. 29 -- C.F. school board candidates’ forum, 7-9 pm at Cedar Falls City Hall

    Tuesday, Sept. 5 -- Waterloo school board candidates’ forum, Education Service Center at the Waterloo school office, 7 - 8:30 pm.  

    Tuesday, Oct. 10 -- C.F. candidates’ forum, 7-9 pm at Cedar Falls City Hall 

    Thursday, Oct. 26 -- Waterloo municipal candidates forum, 7-9 pm at Waterloo City Hall.

    LWV Board Meetings

    posted Aug 10, 2017, 9:07 PM by LWV BlackHawk-Bremer   [ updated Aug 11, 2017, 7:27 AM ]

    As of August 15, we will move our meetings to the Community Foundation from Allen College. We are so appreciative of Allen College  providing us with a meeting space for the past several years.

    New Meeting Space: Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa
    3117 Greenhill Circle
    Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
    Note: This is right off of Greenhill Road and barely over the Cedar Falls line from Waterloo.

    Tuesday, August 15, 6 pm is our first meeting at our new place, the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

    Note: there will now be a brief meeting for Members at 7:30, right after the Board Meeting.

    Tuesday, Sept. 12, 6 pm

    Tuesday, Oct. 10, 6 pm

    Tuesday, Nov. 14, 6 pm

    All Members Social at the Community Foundation – Tuesday, Dec. 5th

    Officers and Board for 2017-2018

    posted Jul 18, 2017, 10:41 AM by LWV BlackHawk-Bremer

    After voting at the Annual Meeting in April, the following are our officers for the next year:

    President: Cherie Dargan (2017-2019)

    Vice President: Cindy Wells

    Secretary: Geraldine (Jeri) Thornsberry (2016-2018)  

    Treasurer: Edward E.J. Gallagher, III (2016-2018)

    Also liaison for Partners in Education

    Membership: Pat Harper, (2017-2019) (re-nominated)

    Also Audit Committee

    Pat Sass is renominated for the Audit Committee.

    Our Board welcomes two new members: Sandy Benedett (2017-2019) and Teresa Meyer (2017-2019), and recognizes Doris Kelley's appointment to the State Board (2017-2019).

    Sandra Benedett (2017-2019)
    Doris Kelley, LWV State Board (2017-2019) (re-nominated)
    Teresa Meyer (2017-2019)

    Pat Sass is renominated for the Audit Committee.
    Maureen White (2016-2018)

    Willie Mae Wright, Voter Services Chair (2016-2018)                                            


    Jean Seeland (2017-2019), Chair of Candidate Forums & Legislative Forums Coalition 

    (31 Organizations that plan Legislative Forums, including League).


    Mike Dargan (2017-2018) Digital Guru (Social Media, Website)


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